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Ivana Romanello

Ivana Romanello is an Italian, proudly from Milan, emerging market professional that has developed in Middle East market knowledge where she has successfully operated for the past 20years. Her successful projects in the Golf involve a variety of business area such as strategic planning, marketing survey for different products, marketing planning and new product launches, events management, product analysis and growth of companies, delivering marketing and management lectures. She has worked with a large number of Italian brands entering the Middle East, as CEO of Omnia Consultancy in UAE. She is been reporter for one Italian digital platform where she keeps in tight connection with the international jet set environment. In her previous assignments, she worked as administrative director and legal consultant for an international telecommunication company in Qatar and Dubai. Managing director of "ivana events management" mostly launching new products and brands and acting as tv and show presenter. Ivana achieved a doctorate Degree in Economy and international politics from Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan. She did conduct performance analysis on the workforce of different organizations and prepared motivational program aimed at improving workforce productivity. For this reason, she got an honoris cause degree in social psychology from an University in Europe. She speaks fluently Italian, English, German, French and basic of Arabic. She is one of the 3 founders of the project In the past 3 years she is following her passion as Yvonne spark: singing NU jazz and receiving already success and recognition that she wouldn't even expect and dream about.



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